Samsung galaxy a70 Reviews

Galaxy A70 is Samsung designed smartphone aimed at the real netizens who often surf the web and watch movies online on the phone.

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This year, Samsung used the Galaxy A series to cover all the prevailing design trends on the phone from the U-shaped screen, the letter V to the camera to be rotated. To date, the company has launched 8 models of Galaxy A series starting from A10 that extend to the A80. The Galaxy A70 has the same design as the recent Galaxy A50 with U-shaped screen. This is the first product in Galaxy family equipped with 25W fast charger to replace the 15W fast charging standard that has existed since 2014 up to now. Samsung phones.

Galaxy A70 is a product aimed at users who regularly surf the web and watch videos on phones with 6.7-inch AMOLED screen and 4500 mAh battery. The imaging capability is also noticeable with the front camera and the rear main camera all have 32MP high resolution, along with 8MP wide-angle camera and 5MP secondary camera for taking photos of the font.

Design: big and long

Galaxy A70 can be considered an extended version of Galaxy A50 with similar designs and materials. The whole body of this phone is plastic material. In the ivory white version we experience, the plastic border is colored and the back of the ball looks like glass. Part of the back of the curved side looks eye-catching but it feels easy to scratch during use. This problem will not be worrying if you use the internal plastic case.

The device is large in size with a screen of 6.7 inches but Samsung is longer than usual, the ratio is 20: 9 so the width is not too big, you can still hold one hand. However, the long camera body has the limitation that the volume key located above the edge must be difficult to reach when used with one hand. Fortunately, the power key is located near the middle so it is still easy to operate. The cross section of the large Galaxy A70 allows the manufacturer to arrange up to 4500 mAh battery without making the machine's thickness (7.9mm) too much.

On the front, like the Galaxy A50 juniors, Galaxy A70 also has a water drop screen (notched) to accommodate 32MP front camera. The screen edge of the device is very thin with the screen / front ratio reaching 86%, higher than the high-end smartphones like Galaxy Note 9 (84%) or iPhone XS. This combined with a large screen size of 6.7 inches, makes the Galaxy A70 the right choice for those who prefer to watch videos and surf the web on their phones.

The front of the Galaxy A70 has an optical fingerprint sensor on the screen like Galaxy A50. Similar to juniors, the performance of fingerprint sensors in this screen is not as fast as traditional fingerprints. Fingerprint recognition time is often slow, and sometimes does not accurately identify due to sinking fingerprints and small sections.

However, the accuracy of fingerprint unlocking will be improved over time as you get used to locating the finger placement. Besides, it also supports unlocking by recognizing face with very fast speed, even when it is dark. You can use a combination of both forms of security to improve phone unlocking speed.


+ Large AMOLED display, beautiful display
+ Long battery life, fast charging 25W
+ Nice enough bright camera, interesting wide angle
+ Agility performance with basic needs


- Fingerprint sensor slower than traditional fingerprint
- Take photos of low light without details

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    31 July, 2020

    Zane Anderson

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    02 August, 2020

    Aaron Williams

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    30 July, 2020

    Xavier Moore

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    28 July, 2020

    Ryan Garcia

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    30 July, 2020

    Darcy Martinez

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