Open credit cards, the pros and cons of bank credit cards

ANZ credit cards are one of the most used credit cards available today. However, many customers who are in need of credit card do not know what ANZ credit is and is this product good or not?

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Learn about credit cards, ANZ banks, ANZ credit cards and their advantages - its disadvantages will help you to better understand and have the answer to whether or not to open an ANZ credit card?

1. Credit Card - Utility payment plan or bait for "debtors"

Credit cards are an alternative to cash payments. The cardholder does not need to pay cash, instead the bank will advance the payment to the seller and the cardholder will return the advance to the bank afterwards. The credit card allows the cardholder to pay down the borrowed amount for payment in the account and although there is no need to pay the full balance on the monthly statement, the cardholder must pay a minimum payment before the due date. term.

Although using a credit card brings many benefits, customers must have an appropriate plan to "control" their shopping desires if they do not want to become "debtors" because of non-payment. can afford.

2. ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank is an internationally renowned bank in Australia, a reputable bank and trusted by many customers around the world. ANZ credit is one of the products that many people choose, trust and at the same time have a high competitiveness compared to credit products from other banks.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of ANZ credit


High credit limit: Compared to the credit cards of many other banks, ANZ credit has a high credit limit: Visa Classic credit cards have high limits.

Refund when used: this is one of the special points when using this product, the cardholder has the opportunity to receive a refund from 0.3 -0.5% of total credit card spending in the period.

Worldwide accepted: ANZ is globally renowned and has a wide network of branches, you can "travel the world" with your ANZ credit card without having to worry about payment and payment. get the card. On the other hand, using an ANZ credit card when traveling or traveling overseas is very convenient and offers many benefits compared to other bank credit cards because it helps you save a lot due to interest rates and costs. change foreign currency.

In addition, ANZ credit cards also bring a world full of incentives for you to enjoy shopping, traveling or enjoying food such as: 10-50% discount when you book tables at high-end restaurants, deals discount when booking hotel rooms and paying via card, refund when buying air tickets, playing golf ...


Although possessing many competitive advantages with other banks, ANZ credit card also has some disadvantages such as:

Conditions to accept high credit cards: In order to open a card, customers are required to meet the following requirements: Must have income above the minimum.

Cardholders must bring cash to pay: In the time when internet transfer becomes so convenient and widely applied, customers have to bring cash to branches to pay in advance. That is an inconvenience and defect of this product.

Interest is charged on the entire transaction if the balance is not completed: unlike other banks that allow interest rate to be recalculated, ANZ credit cardholders must pay interest on the entire transaction. in that period if there is no outstanding loan balance.
On the other hand, ANZ credit has been complained about a lot of issues such as cumbersome credit card opening procedures, expensive credit card fees ...

Above is the information needed to understand credit card in general and ANZ credit card in particular, its advantages and disadvantages. Although there are still advantages about the product, there are many advantages and considerations to use if it is possible to open the card.

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