Most Android apps send personal data to companies like Facebook and Google

Nearly 90% of Android apps have shared users' personal data with Google. About half of the applications have transferred data to at least 10 third parties, such as Facebook and Twitter companies.

Thousands of Android apps continue to get data from their phones even though they are not granted access
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A comprehensive study of Android ecosystems has revealed that the majority of applications have collected user data and shared them with Google.

Researchers from Oxford University analyzed 959,000 applications from Google Play stores in the UK and the United States, and found that nearly 90% of Android apps shared data with Google. The study also revealed that about half of the apps have transferred data to at least 10 third parties, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The authors of the study argue that this mass data collection is related to advertising and data sharing to get revenue.

Information collected and shared by applications may include the age, gender and location of users, and mainly applications aimed at children.

"Applications in general and news applications target children," the study said.

"Based on these findings, we found some challenges to legal issues, in user tracking and data collection behaviors."

Researchers describe collecting and tracking bulk data as a "very important phenomenon", posing significant challenges for managers to enforce law and for companies to follow. That law.

Industry figures describe this study as "not surprising", considering the business model based on the data applied by technology companies. However, the impact of this, can be very serious for businesses.

"Sadly, Oxford University's research findings are not surprising. Large technology companies have lucrative business models using user data," said Morten Brogger, CEO of encrypted communication application said.

"[Applications] are free because they use data, not membership fees, to make money. Using free communication tools means they can weaponize your business data and build an in-depth profile of it ".

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