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The LG 2018 laptop model continues to impress by its slim and most compact design, which is the ultra-light weight of the previous generation, and has great improvements in performance, the ability to upgrade hardware and standard durability. military.

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LG has made a huge impact on its ultra-light weight, less than 1 Kg on its notebook models. With the 2018 gram generation, LG continues to emphasize on high mobility, while enhancing durability to military standards MIL-ST-810, updating new configurations and adding more flexible hardware upgrade capabilities.

In this review, VnReview uses a 14-inch LG gram, codenamed 14ZD980-G.AX52A5 with a reference price of VND 28 million.

Outstanding design, more eye-catching, durability is raised to military standards

The design of the 2018 gram is not too different from the 2017 generation. Right from the box, the packaging of the product or the accompanying accessories is similar to the predecessor generation. Whether it is a white or silver gray version, the gram is still put in a box with outstanding white tones. The accessory comes with a charger and has a cable that converts from the USB Type C to the LAN port because this thin and light laptop has removed the traditional wired network port.

LG 2018 gram is still impressive with light weight, compact size, weighs less than 1Kg for the 14-inch version. Anyone holding a gram on their hands must be surprised at the surprisingly light weight of this laptop. It is not difficult to hold the phone with one hand for a long time. The hinge of the gram is solid, allowing the screen to be opened with one hand easily and with the option to open the screen to turn it on. However, the paired parts in this area are not very meticulously processed, still can see the gaps.

The white version of the 2018 gram proved particularly suitable for female users thanks to the way of mixing the white color from the lid of the machine, the bottom of the machine to the keyboard area, and resting at hand. White color combined with slim design makes the gram look more soft and attractive. If only LG made the screen border also white and cardboard with the case, then the gram will stand out even more. Of course, the white version will be slightly stained but thanks to the easy-to-clean material, just use a damp cloth to gently wipe it clean.

LG is still loyal to the use of magnesium carbon alloy material that feels a bit like plastic when touching though it is still very sturdy and sturdy. Many endurance tests have shown that the gram is really durable and can withstand strong bumps. According to LG, the 2018 gram version was also improved and achieved military standard MIL-ST-810 durability after passing 7 tests on shock, impact, low pressure, high / low temperature, dust. , shaking or hoarfrost.

LG 2018 gram is still impressive with light weight, compact size, weighs less than 1Kg for the 14-inch version and can completely hold the camera with one hand for a long time with no difficulty.

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