Apple Card will be released this August

As originally planned, Apple will put Apple Card service into widespread use this August.

According to Softpedia, Apple Card was released in March in the hope of making traditional payments more convenient than ever. Apple Card will be integrated into Wallet application on iPhone and requires device to run from iOS 12.4 or higher.

Bloomberg said, the technology giant has partnered with two leading financial companies, Goldma Sachs and Mastercard, to easily bring Apple Card to market. The first customers who register for the service will receive the card in the next few weeks. To attract users, Apple Card offers a range of incentives, including 3% cashback on Apple's purchases and a 2% refund on Apple Pay deals.

So far, Apple has always placed user privacy first, and this Apple Card is no exception. It is known that Apple Card is a free service so there will be no annual fees or fees incurred like normal credit cards.

To help customers make a wise choice, Apple Card displays a range of payment options and interest costs for different payments in real time.

Apples that explain Apple Card are likely to suggest users pay a little extra each month and offer flexible payment schedules that can speed up the payment process.

The Apple Card is made of titanium with confidential information so there will be no card number, CCV security code, expiration date or user signature.

The only information embossed on the card is the username. Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO said: "Simplicity, transparency and privacy are at the core of our consumer product development philosophy. Goldman Sachs is pleased to partner with Apple in the project.

This Apple Card project, hopefully it will help customers can manage financial spending appropriately ". Currently, Apple has not officially announced the release date of Apple Card.

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