15 Useful key offers when using Gmail

If you regularly work through Gmail, useful shortcuts will save you a lot of time. Gmail has a lot of shortcuts, however, in this article, we will only mention 15 shortcuts that CNET deems most useful.

Gmail breaks the shortcuts into two groups: the group is always on and the group needs to be activated. To see all the shortcuts that Gmail supports, ring the Shift + key combination? when in Gmail inbox.

Gmail shortcuts are always on

Open the message

You can use the Up or Up keys on the keyboard to move in the inbox. You will see a thin blue vertical scroll line located on the left side of the mailbox when pressing these scroll buttons. To open the message, press Enter.

Move in a conversation

When you are viewing an email, press the N key to go to the next message or press P to go to the previous message in the conversation. Press Enter to open or collapse these messages.

Gmail shortcuts need to be activated

To activate these shortcuts, you need to click the gear icon located in the upper right corner, select Settings. On the General tab, scroll down to the Keyboard shortcuts section, select Keyboard shortcuts on (Turn on the shortcut). Finally, select Save changes located at the bottom.

Prepare new messages

Press C to edit a new message. Use Shift + C to compose a message in a new window or press D to type a message in a new tab.

Move to the previous or next email

When you open an email, press the J key to move to the next email or the K key to move to the previous email in the inbox.

Refresh or return to the inbox

Press U to refresh or return to the inbox if you are opening an email.

Select the message

To select a message from the inbox, move the blue vertical bar to the email to be manipulated and press the X key.

Turn off a conversation

Select the conversation to turn off and press M. This will bring the conversation out of the inbox and any future replies will no longer appear in this. If this message is sent or cc directly to you, it will still appear in the inbox.

Move mail to trash or archive

With the messages you have selected in the inbox, press # (equivalent to Shift + 3) to move it to the trash. If you want to move it to the archive, press the E key.

Hide messages

Select the message in the inbox and press the B button to hide it. This message will be removed from the inbox and will be displayed again at the top of the mailbox at the time you set up earlier.

Star the conversation

When viewing the inbox, you can press the S button to star the conversation. You don't need to choose a conversation to bookmark, just move that blue vertical bar to where you need it. Press S again to remove an asterisk.

When you're viewing your inbox, you can press the / key to move quickly to the search box on top.

Answer, answer all and forward

When opening a conversation, press the R key to answer it. Press A to answer all and F key to forward. If you want to open in a new window, press the Shift key with the same key as the operation you want.

Send Message

Press Tab + Enter key combination to send the message.

Some orders move elsewhere

There are quite a few commands using G. This is the 6 most useful shortcuts.

- G + A: Move to all mail.

- G + I: Move to the Primary inbox (Primary).

- G + S: Move to starred messages (Starred).

- G + D: Move to Draft.

- G + T: Move to the sent mail (Sent).

- G + C: Move to Contact (Contacts).

The commands use the asterisk key

There are 3 useful commands using the * key (Shift + 8) including:

- * + A: Select all mail.

- * + N: Cancel all mail selections.

- * + U: Select all unread mail.

Using shortcuts is quite convenient and will save a lot of time. Use them, you will definitely love it.

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