Bitcoin mining app on smartphone. Is StormGain legit or a scam?

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In today's post, you and I are in the section “ What is StormGain? Review of the Newest Reputable or Unreliable Derivatives Exchange “to help you decide whether to use this exchange or not?

If you have known about StormGain before and want to know how to successfully register for a StormGain account, you can go to the article: Instructions for Registering a StormGain Account and skip the content of the article below.

Currently, there are many crypto derivatives exchanges, making many bewildered as to which derivative to choose, so choosing a reputable crypto derivatives exchange to register is essential. . Currently, Hong Kong-based StormGain can be considered as one of the emerging exchanges in many country and is being used by a large community in many country.

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The article is divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Detailed review of derivatives exchange StormGain
  • Part 2: Summary of the general assessment of advantages and disadvantages of StormGain floor

Part 1: Detailed review of derivatives exchange StormGain

1. Introduction to StormGain Exchange

StormGain founded in 2019 and headquartered in London, UK is a cryptocurrency exchange, not only a regular exchange but also a place where you can use margin leverage up to 100 currencies most popular electronics in the world. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from, but StormGain is one of them that offers unique features and makes trading easy.

The use of leveraged Margin is becoming more and more popular in the crypto world. However, not every cryptocurrency trading platform is the same. Some floors are very difficult to use or others are not cheap to use

StormGain is ranked by CoinMarketCap as the #1 interest rate provider for crypto traders. At the same time, being a member of the Blockchain association under the financial committee, investors can have some peace of mind when trading.

StormGain offers a wide range of orders and trading tools, custom buy/sell signals and low fees among the competition – especially with leverage up to 1:200 on trades.

StormGain offers many products such as Spot (instant trading) and derivatives such as Futures Contracts.

This review will focus on the main parts of the StormGain margin floor including: Interface, Transaction fees, trading products of the exchange, earning 10%/1 year based on your cryptocurrency on the exchange, evaluate how the free cryptocurrency trading AI signal system helps Traders and supports users.

2. StormGain derivatives exchange interface.

One of StormGain's competitive factors is its user-friendly interface: the platform has almost everything you could want in one place and is so simple that even a five-year-old can use it. use. creation and cancellation of pending orders, and even deposits and withdrawals can be done in seconds. And with all that in just a few clicks, you can focus on what matters most – trading.

Easy-to-use Web interface, simple account registration: Registration is easy and completes in just 30 seconds

Bitcoin mining app on smartphone. Is StormGain legit or a scam? 1

StormGain's Mobile App Interface: The StormGain platform is not only optimized for desktop computers, but also for Android and iOS devices.

Bitcoin mining app on smartphone. Is StormGain legit or a scam? 2

3. Evaluation of trading fees on StormGain Margin

  • StormGain has relatively low transaction fees. Depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to trade, StormGain charges anywhere from 0.15% to 0.5% depending on the crypto pair and how much leverage you plan to use. StormGain's fees are in line with other top crypto exchanges and leave plenty of room for profit.

Deposit and withdrawal fees as shown below:

Bitcoin mining app on smartphone. Is StormGain legit or a scam? 3

Instant transaction fees

Bitcoin mining app on smartphone. Is StormGain legit or a scam? 4

Note: The minimum trade at StormGain is 10 USDT and the minimum deposit is 50 USDT.

4. Review of trading and derivative products on StormGain

StormGain floor has a variety of trading products for Traders to choose from:

  • Instant Exchange  is for instant cryptocurrency exchange at market price
  • Normal spot trading (spot trading): normal buying and selling transactions
  • StormGain Future (Future Contract) with leverage Margin: StormGain Futures is one of the strong products of this exchange. The exchange has various crypto futures products, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and XRP perpetual contracts. All are tradable with at least 50x leverage. In addition, StormGain offers market leading leverage of 200x for BTC/USDT contracts. Allows traders to increase risk with price action up to 200x. That means 5% growth will give the investor 1000% return.

The appropriate risk management tools provided on the StormGain platform that enable investors and traders to manage risk include:

  • Stop loss
  • Take profit
  • Indicators
  • Cryptocurrency forecast by AI technology powered by StormGain experts every few hours

To start trading, a minimum deposit of 50 USDT is required and there is a minimum trading threshold of 10 USDT. With a deposit of 10 USDT, an investor or trader can use up to 150x leverage, generating a trading value of 1,500 USDT.

It is worth noting that, while the use of leverage enhances profits, it also increases the risk of trading. Therefore, appropriate risk management is required to minimize the risk as much as possible

5. StormGain Free Traders Support AI Signals Review

StormGain provides free trading signals developed by StormGain experts to assist investors and Traders.

With the use of AI technology, StormGain experts use various analysis techniques, including chart analysis, the use of various indicators, technical analysis and news to generate trading signals. Translate.

Investors and Traders receive trading signals every few hours. From a risk management perspective, providing accurate stop loss and take profit levels is invaluable. StormGain experts have 70% forecast accuracy

6. Rate earning 10%/1 year based on the amount of cryptocurrency you have on the exchange

StormGain pays interest to investors and traders who leave their cryptocurrencies on the StormGain exchange wallet.

Deposits between 100 and 50,000 USDT, StormGain will pay 10% interest per annum on deposits held for a minimum of 30 days.

Interest is calculated daily based on account balance at 21:00 GMT. The amount of interest is added at the time of calculation.

8. Evaluation of Stormgain exchange team and partners

  • StormGain CEO Alex Althausen is transparent and active on social media making me more confident that the exchange is safe to use.
  • StormGain was founded in 2019 and has an exclusive partnership with Newcastle FC, a Football Club based in the UK.

9. Evaluation of customer care and support services of derivatives exchange StormGain

  • StormGain floor has good support
  • StormGain has a 24/7 customer helpline.

You can also leave feedback, by clicking the 'Leave Feedback' icon at the bottom of the respective interface.

  • Email: Users can also email the support team directly using the email address
  • Telegram: Users can also join the StormGain community on Telegram, which also supports 24/7 by Link

Summary of the general assessment of advantages and disadvantages of the derivatives exchange StormGain

Advantages of StormGain derivatives exchange

  • The mainstream media has covered it extensively, including Yahoo Finance, Finance Magnates,, CryptoDaily, SportsPro,, and CryptoPotato. StormGain is now an official partner of Newcastle United
  • Many country language support
  • Fast transaction execution. No lag in use or no serious system errors.
  • The number of Altcoins is relatively large and complete
  • Allows 24/7 transactions, simple registration procedures.
  • Leverage up to 1:200 on trades.
  • 100% liquidity
  • Pay only 15% revenue share commission.
  • Offers a variety of order types, trading tools, custom signals
  • Low fees compared to competitors
  • StormGain will allow you to deposit with digital or fiat currency, so you can transfer your own crypto from your personal wallet/exchange or buy directly at StormGain with a credit or debit card .
  • Deposit interest 10%/1 year
  • Demo account funded 50,000 USDT.
  • There is a mobile app that supports iOS and Android

Disadvantages of derivatives exchange StormGain

  • Not many people in many country use this floor
  • High leverage can be dangerous for traders who are inexperienced and do not have solid risk management strategies.
  • StormGain does not support converting crypto to fiat. Only cryptocurrency can be withdrawn from the exchange
  • Many of the top competitors include popular exchanges including BitMex, Huobis, Binance, Coinbase and Kraken or other emerging exchanges like FTX, Snapex.

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