Krazy Kool Bedside Shelf can be Used as a Caddy Night Stand or Mattress Table or Bedside Table or Bunkbed Tray as Well as a Bedside Organizer

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Krazy Kool Bedside Shelf Can Be Used As A Caddy Night Stand Or Mattress Table Or Bedside Table Or Bunkbed Tray As Well As A Bedside Organizer

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The Bunk Mate Bedside Shelf - Versatile Storage in Small Spaces

When you're sleeping in tight quarters, you don't have many options for storage. Hanging a shelf in your dorm isn't an option. That means you're putting all of your stuff on the floor. The tell-tale crunch of a phone screen underfoot shows you just how dangerous that can be.

The Bunk Mate floating bedside shelf solves all of your problems. This sturdy and versatile shelf attaches to the side of your bed. It's light and portable too, so you can move it from dorm to dorm. The clever design helps you to keep your electronic devices safe. It even features a wire separator so your cables don't get tangled.

Introducing the Power of Bamboo:

We've used bamboo to build the Bunk Mate because it offers a number of amazing qualities.


Bamboo has a similar strength ratio to steel, which makes this shelf very difficult to break. The strength doesn't come at the cost of flexibility. Bamboo is much lighter than steel, which is essential for a portable bedside shelf.


Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing grasses in the world. It matures in just 3 to 5 years, so it's much more sustainable than most woods. Some species can even grow 35 inches in the space of 1 day creating an almost ever-present source of materials. No need to worry about causing damage to rainforests when you buy a bamboo product.


Don't need your small bedside shelf anymore? No problem. Bamboo is a 100% recyclable material. That means you don't have to worry about leaving a carbon footprint behind when you stop using your shelf.

Fast and Easy Setup

No assembly required, just unpack it and clamp it to your bedside & start using it.

Leave the toolbox at home and still save space.

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- IDEAL FOR SMALL ROOMS - A lack of space in your bedrooms really limits your options when it comes to shelf space. This thin bedside shelf attaches directly to the side of your bed without taking up unneeded space. This makes it ideal for children's bedrooms and dorm rooms. Plus, it's portable, which means you can take it with you whenever you travel. At just 13.8 x 9 x 3 inches (metric 35 x 23 x 8 cm), this shelf packs a lot into a small package.
- HIGHLY VERSATILE - The Bunk Mate small bedside shelf offers plenty of space for your electronic devices. It can hold cell phones, tablets, and a range of other small devices. Plus, it comes with special charging wire guides to keep your wires separate from one another. Better yet, the shelf comes with an indented space for plates and cups. You can use it as a makeshift dinner table!
- STRONG AND LIGHT - The Bunk Mate bedside shelf attaches sturdily to the side of your bed. The powerful clasps ensure that any little knocks or bumps don't disconnect the shelf when it's in use. That's ideal for cramped dorm rooms where there's not a lot of space between bunks. The clamps also use felt to protect the bamboo and your bedside from little nicks and scratches.
- MADE USING SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO - The dorm bedside mate uses 100% natural materials. All bamboo used in making the shelf comes from sustainable sources. That means you don't have to worry about leaving a massive carbon footprint when you buy the shelf. Bamboo actually produces 35% more oxygen than trees. Plus, it's a recyclable material that doesn't end up in a landfill when you don't need it anymore.
- PROTECT YOUR DEVICES - Don't leave your phone or electronic devices on the floor anymore. This floating bedside shelf offers you a safe and practical way to store your devices when they're not in use. There's no chance of an errant foot smashing down onto your device anymore. Plus, the protective barrier around the edge of the shelf prevents devices from falling to the floor.

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