UV Resin - 200g Hard Type Crystal Clear Glue Ultraviolet Curing Epoxy Resin for Jewelry Making Craft Decoration - Transparent Solar Cure Sunlight Activated Resin for Resin Mold, Casting and Coating

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Uv Resin 200g Hard Type Crystal Clear Glue Ultraviolet Curing Epoxy Resin For Jewelry Making Craft Decoration Transparent Solar Cure Sunlight Activated Resin For Resin Mold Casting And Coating

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Our UV Craft Resin makes fun stuff fun to make! Let your imagination be your guide for casting, coating and other DIY crafts. The possibilities are endless!
Combine with our mica powder or liquid colorants to create custom colored glass or solid color appearance.
Great for art and craft projects for all ages and abilities. Click 'Add to Cart' with no hesitation now!

Curing Time:
- UV Torch: About 1-2 minutes
- Direct Sun (Sunny Day): 10-15 minutes
- Direct Sun (Cloudy Day): 30-60 minutes

Package Included :
- 1 x UV Resin;
- 1 x Spout.

- EASY TO USE - Different from AB epoxy resin that needs to mix and takes long curing time, our UV resin are ready to use and can instantly cure hard in minutes with UV light or sunlight. Comes with a spout that could easily squeeze and inject the resin.
- PREMIUM - Ultraviolet resin cures crystal clear, glassy and 100% waterproof finish while providing excellent scratch, stain and yellowing resistance. And its self leveling and self degassing characteristics help your crafting much more easier.
- MULTIPURPOSE - The clear UV glue can be used for casting and coating applications, such as jewelry making, crafts decorations, garment accessories, encapsulate objects, cast figurines and make resin paintings etc.
- SAFE - Our hard type craft resin is made of high-quality, non-toxic materials that you can use with confidence. Free from harsh chemicals and environment friendly.
- COST-EFFECTIVE - 100% money back guarantee. Get better value for your money with our long-lasting transparent UV adhesive 200g(7 oz) pack. Click 'Add to Cart' and enjoy your DIY craft making!

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