Apple Watch Series 6 reviews

As expected, Apple Watch Series 6 is the first product Apple introduced in this year’s event. Although there are not many design changes, but the Apple Watch Series 6 has added a lot of important features.

Apple Watch Series 6 features a powerful advanced Apple S6 processor and a host of outstanding features. Here’s everything you need to know about the recently introduced Apple Watch Series 6.

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Apple Watch Series 6 design

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Apple Watch Series 6 has the same overall design as 5th generation. Simply because the current Apple Watch Series 5 has a great design with a stylish look and a thin, unnecessary screen. so that Apple must change. In return, however, you will have a lot of new color options and bands, which are blue, classic gold, classic silver and Red Product red. Most of the new colors come with a very luxurious stainless steel bezel.

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One of the new bands is the Solo Loop, an ultra-light and stretchy strap with silicone and braided. Made from 100% recycled materials, the Solo Loop is a single piece of wire that fits around your wrist without the usual locking locks. In addition, Apple and partners such as Nike, Hermes also bring their own versions of the rope, creating many interesting combinations.

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Always-on Display has been improved on Apple Watch Series 6, making the screen up to 2.5 times brighter, easier to read in sunny conditions. Besides, the Apple Watch Series 6 also comes with lots of new watch faces and fun Memoji emojis that move when you touch the watch.

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Lots of new features on Apple Watch Series 6

With the latest watchOS7 operating system, Apple Watch Series 6 now supports sleep tracking. This is a useful feature to help users evaluate the quality of their sleep and get more suggestions for better sleep.

Apple Watch Series 6 enhances wellness with the addition of a sensor for measuring oxygen concentration in the blood, SpO2 index. This is a very important metric in reflecting the user’s health. A normal person will have SpO2 in the range of 97-100%, if you only have a SpO2 of 90 – 93% it means that you are lacking oxygen in the blood and need to immediately see a doctor. In the current Covid-19 epidemic, patients are also susceptible to hypoxia, so this is a very useful feature.

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Apple will also cooperate with leading health organizations for more applications in detecting users’ illness through SpO2 blood oxygen saturation. Diseases such as asthma, respiratory illness, flu or even Covid-19 will be detected promptly by heart rate markers with SpO2 measured on Apple Watch Series 6.

Altimeter is a new feature on Apple Watch Series 6, you will always be measuring the current altitude relative to the ground based on a new barometer. This feature allows you to practice subjects such as hiking more professionally.

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The training modes on Apple Watch Series 6 are all improved with new training modes, supporting more sports. You also get an automatic hand washing detection feature, which is another useful feature during Covid season.

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Apple S6 Faster processor

Apple Watch Series 6 will be equipped with the new Apple S6 processor, for significantly faster and smoother speeds than the current Apple S5. Your operations will be quicker, more responsive on the touch screen. According to Apple, the new Apple S6 will be up to 20% faster than the previous generation Apple S5. At the same time with the new chip, the power management is also better, increasing battery life.

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Use for the whole family

The watchOS7 operating system on Apple Watch Series 6 makes this watch usable for the whole family, including children and elders. If children use it, children can access SOS for emergency notifications at any time and in classroom modes, so they can focus more on learning while in class or at home.

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For the elderly, the X-Large watch face is simplified and displays larger essential information. The automatic fall detection is optimized and users can also quickly access their health information.

Apple Watch Series 6 price

Like every year, Apple Watch Series 6 will be sold in 2 versions: GPS and GPS + Cellular. The Apple Watch Series 6 version will start at $ 399, while the Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular) version starts at $ 499. In the US market and 27 other countries, the GPS version will be ordered today, while the Cellular version will be ordered on September 18.

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