Apple could sell 68 million iphone 12 by the end of this year

Since an outbreak of pandemic affects production plans, the US company may not be able to sell as many iPhones as originally expected.

According to forecasts of Digitimes Research, the upcoming iPhone 12 generation can reach sales of 63 to 68 million units globally, down 5 million compared to iPhone 11 last year. The main reason that the device sold lower than its predecessor is nothing but COVID-19 translation. Production and delivery may be delayed 4 to 6 weeks from originally planned.

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Besides translation, Apple has another concern as well. The US government is intending to remove the WeChat app because of national security concerns. If the lack of applications is considered “indispensable” of the Chinese people, iPhone sales can decrease by nearly 10% compared to the initial calculation. According to Digitimes, it is still unclear how the US government’s plan to ban Wechat is.


Apple will invest in the camera’s low-light capabilities

Regarding the upgrades, according to Digitimes, the US company will add a dark blue version for the iPhone. The camera and screen system both have a big upgrade, along with the communication module also supports 5G, keeping up with Android manufacturers. All iPhones 12 will have a new, more efficient Face ID system.

The 5G network on the device will support both sub-6 and mmWave. In the highest-end model will add 3D ToF sensor similar to LiDAR Scanner of iPad Pro. The rear camera cluster will have a few new features, notably the wide-angle lens that adds anti-shake by sensor shift, forming a Dual OIS system.

Recently there is information that Apple will keep the 12MP resolution on all lenses, but the sensor size has been increased to capture better night. If the leaks are true, a new anti-shake system with large sensor, low resolution and new noise cancellation algorithm will help the iPhone 12 compete well with the Android flagship in low light.