Answer when charging laptop battery need to turn off?

The battery is a very important part for a laptop, because it helps the laptop stay active even when on the go. But is it necessary to turn off the laptop when charging the laptop battery ? How to charge laptop battery effectively? Those are the questions that many users have asked. So, the article below will answer all your questions.

Does the laptop need to be turned off when charging?

Many people when using a laptop often ask the question whether the laptop needs to be turned off when charging? If the laptop you are using belongs to the previous generation with the old technology battery line of many years ago, it will be very taboo to deal with this problem.

Answer when charging laptop battery need to turn off? 1

Currently, most manufacturers equip their batteries with a switch whose main function is to choose a suitable power supply back and forth between plugging in or using a laptop battery directly, so when the battery When the laptop is full, the laptop will automatically switch to using direct power to limit battery status.

However, one fact that you need to keep in mind is the heat emitted during laptop use. When the charging current and the use of the laptop may not make the battery bottle, but the heat generated by the device will greatly affect the life of the battery.

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Therefore, just plugging in the battery to charge the device continuously or charging it while using it will lead to the phenomenon of the battery being damaged faster or faster, which is incorrect compared to the present. But in order not to reduce the life of the battery, it is best to turn off the device when charging the battery. Because if you use and charge the battery at the same time, the laptop battery will both charge and discharge, causing it to work more, causing the laptop battery to quickly become bottle.

If you remove the battery and only use the power source directly, then surely the battery will be less likely to be damaged is easy. However, you will have to face the event that if the power source is unstable or suddenly turns off, your laptop will be powered off immediately because there is no internal battery included. It will take longer to reopen the machine than usual and if it is more unlucky, your mainboard, chip, and hard drive may be damaged. Not to mention that the working data in the laptop will be lost and the frequent removal of the battery will make the contacts between the electrical circuits dirty or susceptible to electric shock.

Answer when charging laptop battery need to turn off? 2

In addition, if you want to play games, you should plug in the charger and use the battery at the same time because most high-graphics games can only work when plugged in to charge the discrete card because it needs to consume more energy. However, you also need to pay attention to the playing time or else it is easy to happen that the laptop battery will not charge later.

Therefore, depending on each use need, you will have your own options when charging the laptop battery or not need to turn off the machine. However, it is also not advisable to plug in the laptop battery charger at certain times such as in the office, in the classroom or use the battery at other times such as in the car or fire.

If you are sure that your laptop doesn't need the battery for a long time, you can charge the battery to 40%-70% and then store it in a low-temperature environment.

How to charge laptop battery effectively?

To charge the laptop battery effectively, you should note that you should not charge the device in places with high temperature and humidity because there is a risk of fire and explosion. And absolutely should not leave the laptop on the bed, mattress. pillow to charge, because while charging in such environments the laptop will heat up, leading to a high risk of fire and explosion. Therefore, you should choose to charge your laptop in a dry and comfortable place.

Answer when charging laptop battery need to turn off? 3

It is not recommended to use a laptop with a completely empty battery before charging it because this can be one of the main reasons why your laptop battery may be damaged. If you use the laptop regularly, you will see about 10% left, the system will give you a warning and usually less than 5% will automatically power off.

You should not remove the battery often because if the power source is unstable, it can damage the laptop, so it is quite necessary to plug in the battery.

Do not choose to buy low-quality chargers, fakes, imitations and unknown origins because when charging these chargers, the voltage is often unstable and can damage your laptop at any time. any.

Thus, has just answered the question of whether you need to turn off the laptop when charging the laptop battery. Hopefully with these shares, you have had a satisfactory answer and peace of mind when using a laptop. Thank you for following the article.

Date published: 14/01/2022
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