Andy OS (Andy Android Emulator) – Android emulator software on the computer

Andy OS (Andy Android Emulator) 47,260 is an Android emulator that allows users to access their favorite Android apps from a PC and experience online games using a controller. remote control. This software also keeps users up to date with the latest Android OS features and supports unlimited storage.

Download Andy OS for free to experience Android on your computer

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Andy OS is compatible with both PC and Mac. Gamers can play most popular mobile games right on their PC and never have to worry about the multi-touch screen being affected by heavy gaming. This is possible thanks to the seamless connection between the desktop computer and the phone, creating a remote control panel. In addition, users can also receive SnapChat images, even while on the road and can view them on the desktop.

Syncing Andy OS with Google Play account in the cloud will help store the access history of Android apps on phone and computer. With Andy OS synchronization, any application that can run on this software will work on your mobile phone.

Main feature of Android emulator Andy OS

  • Use your phone as a remote while playing games
  • Run all mobile chat apps from your computer (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, …)
  • Seamlessly transfer data between PC application and phone without the need for connections like Bluetooth or cables
  • Connect your computer to apps on your Android phone to play, view notifications and save
  • Ability to run applications downloaded directly from Andy OS through a browser (apps outside the Google Play Store)
  • Make sure to update to the latest Android OS from time to time
  • Complete Android emulation
  • Supports Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Google Play Store pre-installed
  • Sync app with phone
  • Multi-touch support
  • ARM Support
  • Sensor integration
  • OpenGL Hardware Support
  • Camera integration
  • Integrated microphone
  • Supports Xbox controllers, PS
  • Push notifications on the computer screen
  • Keyboard mapping

Andy OS interface on PC

Advantages of Andy OS

  • Allows users to fully experience the Android interface.
  • Compatible with most applications.
  • Various improvements.
  • Remote control with Andy Remote Control app, which allows users to use their phone or tablet as a console to play games without an Internet connection.
  • Fixed keyboard errors AZERTY in French, including Alt and AltGr.
  • Added English – English keyboard.
  • More precise positioning.
  • Improve the quality of the camera and mic.
  • Fix errors with copy and paste.
  • Fixed screen zoom error.

Download Andy OS to enjoy playing games on PC

Disadvantages of Andy OS

  • It takes a long time to download and install Andy. However, the Facebook fanpage of this software has also updated many solutions to assist users in order to handle some basic problems.
  • Andy OS is not a compact software like other Android emulation software. Andy OS requires at least 3GB of RAM and at least 20GB of hard drive space. Starting multiple applications at the same time will also cause a crash.

Although Andy OS has many limitations due to the complexity of the installation, but it is a very useful software if you want to experience all the applications of Android quickly Best. Especially, for game fanatics, this is an ideal software for playing games without sacrificing the touch screen of your mobile phone.

Andy OS (Andy Android Emulator) 47.260.1096.26

Other versions of Andy OS (Andy Android Emulator):

  • Andy OS 47.260 (32-bit)
  • Andy OS 47.260 (64-bit)
  • Andy OS 47.226
  • Andy OS 47.226 (64-bit)
  • Andy OS 46.16.66
  • Andy OS 46.16.66 (64-bit)
  • Andy OS 45.5.63
  • Andy OS 45.5.63 (64-bit)
  • Download Andy OS (Andy Android Emulator)

Andy OS (Andy Android Emulator) 47,260 is an Android emulator that allows you to access your favorite Android apps from your PC and experience online games using the remote controller.

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