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AMIDuOS is a revolutionary new Android emulator software from function, depth to experience. AMIDuOS works on Windows tablet devices, Windows desktops running Windows 7/8/10, quickly switching between Windows and Android environments without having to dual boot .

The interface of the software to run Android applications on the computer AMIDuOS

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Referring to the software running Android apps, you will immediately think of BlueStacks, one of the most famous software today. However, the downside of BlueStacks is that it requires very high configuration of the computer to install, which makes it difficult for users of low configuration devices. Besides the alternative is Droid4X or Windroy you can use AMIDuOS , a new Android emulator application with quite a lot of useful features.

The main feature of the AMIDuOS Android emulator app

Perfect Android experience:

AMIDuOS Emulator gives users a full Android experience with all the features that the latest versions of this operating system offer. AMIDuOS runs fast, looks sharp, smooth and does the job without any restrictions, because it is 100% native Android operating system on Windows.

Application Compatibility:

AMIDuOS can run almost all Android applications available in the market. To get you started, it comes with the Amazon Appstore pre-installed. You can add your favorite Android apps to the software easily. AMIDuOS is compatible with ARM version 7, so it can run the most popular ARM applications well.

Play game Clash of Clans on the computer with AMIDuOS


AMIDuOS Android gaming software supports 3D acceleration, so you can enjoy the outstanding Android gaming experience on Windows. It uses OpenGL drivers to improve the frame rate, supporting most games with high quality graphics. The application runs mainly in native x86 mode to provide high performance, while ARM emulation is performed only on the necessary platforms. This helps AMIDuOS to save energy and prolong the battery life of the device.

Device Support:

AMIDuOS supports key peripherals and Windows hardware sensors, including high definition cameras, audio, and mic. Supported sensors include Ambient Light, Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Compass and Orientation, giving you the full mobile, tablet experience.

Tablet features:

AMIDuOS gives users a perfect Android tablet experience with multi-touch support, Pinch, Zoom, and a full-featured keyboard. It also supports Compass and GPS functions, allowing the map navigation with multi-touch.

Play game Angry Birds with Android emulator software AMIDuOS

Desktop features:

In Desktop mode, AMIDuOS provides full hardware keyboard support, including shortcuts. The screen can be rotated horizontally or vertically to suit the requirements. AMIDuOS also supports Ethernet and WiFi to provide network access for Android apps.

File storage and sharing:

File sharing between Windows and Android is also supported in AMIDuOS, so you can share photos, videos, music between the two OS modes easily. AMIDuOS supports SD card emulation and allows setting of SD card capacity with an easy-to-use configuration tool.

AMIDuOS has two versions, AMIDuOS PRO and AMIDuOS LITE, the download link is the PRO version, you can download the LITE version in the download link. Both versions cost $ 15 for the PRO version, $ 10 for the LITE version, you can try the app for free for 30 days before deciding whether to spend money or not.

Overall, AMIDuOS is a pretty good Android emulator, offering many useful features for users to get the smoothest Android experience. Download AMIDuOS to plow Android game without worrying about overheating, wasting battery, damaging the screen.

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