Before the reception of two VIP guests was the US president and the Korean leader, the Capella hotel in Singapore served Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Advantage to help Capella hotel selected to hold Trump – Kim conference

On 12/6/2018, at the resort – 5-star Capella hotel on Sentosa Island, Singapore, US President Donald Trump has a historic meeting with Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

One of the most asked questions, besides the content of the meeting, is: Why did the Trump-Kim summit take place in Capella and not any other hotels? What advantages have helped this 5-star hotel get that honor?

According to Huffingtonpost, one of the reasons is that the resort is very large, located in isolated but prime locations. It is surrounded by lush trees, on a hill overlooking the sea.

Ong Kok Leong of Secura Grouo Group, a Singapore-based security agency said on Today: “They chose that place because the hotel is an open space, allowing the aircraft to take off and land in case emergency”.

Capella is one of the most expensive hotels in Singapore to book a wedding party. Prices can be up to $ 2,400 a table, depending on the menu.

Singapore national security researcher Muhammad FAizal Abdul Rahman concurs with this view because he thinks the hotel location is separate from the mainland. This distance is like a virtual wall, avoiding security threats to the summit, according to Weekinasia.

Before that, this place used to welcome the delegation of the US-Tieu Tien station This mission team met 4 times in Capella and this place is their top priority to hold the summit.

An expert from Singapore Technology University NTU added that Sentosa used many security measures to protect visitors. Those who want to go to Sentosa island have only one path – go through a bridge. Therefore, security personnel can easily control the number of people and vehicles entering the island during the conference days.

Surrounding the hotel is an area of ​​over 12 hectares and lush gardens.

Capella hotel has 112 rooms and villas. Each villa has a garden, private pool, outdoor bath. Room rates here are about 427 USD per night. The hotel is located on Sentosa Island, attracting tourists with pristine beaches, golf courses and many other attractions.

One of the things that tourists enjoy here is that they can catch a peacock with a beautiful tail wandering freely around the island. At the hotel, many tourists also saw this peacock. In addition, the island is also not far from central Singapore and is connected by a bridge over 300 meters long.

Singapore is a country located in Southeast Asia, looking down from above from this country shaped like a diamond. Singapore is bordered by Malaysia through the Johor Strait in the north, and separated from the Riau Islands of Indonesia through the Singapore Strait in the south. The country has four official languages: English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil.


Advantage to help Capella hotel selected to hold Trump – Kim conference
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