Adobe released Photoshop Beta for Mac using the M1 chip

Once fully developed, the ARM version of Photoshop promises a significant performance improvement on both macOS and Windows.

Adobe has officially released Photoshop software for Macs running on Apple’s M1 ARM chip. This version is released as Beta, which means there will be many bugs. Expected in early next year, the official version will be released by Adobe.

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According to Adobe, Photoshop ARM Beta can be used on Mac devices running M1 chip or on Surface Pro X. Currently, Photoshop application runs on Windows 10 ARM emulator operating system, or via the Rosetta 2 converter on macOS.

The ARM-specific version of Photoshop brings significant improvements in performance as well as improved processing, smoother running, and a more complete set of features. However, due to being in Beta, currently, not all tools in Photoshop can be used fully, for example, users will not be able to use some of the editing tools like Healing. Brush, Patch Tool … In addition, information about bugs appearing on Beta for macOS as well as Windows 10 ARM has also been listed by Adobe on the homepage for users to refer to, and said the company will soon update. new version to add more features and fix outstanding errors.

Once fully developed, the ARM-based version of Photoshop promises significant performance improvements on both macOS and Windows. Currently, to be able to experience the Beta ARM version of Photoshop early, users need to access the Beta section of Adobe’s Creative Cloud application to register and download the experience.

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