When nightmares happen continuously, you have negative thoughts and are trying to relieve yourself.

A dream signals something about your health

Ian Wallace is a psychologist and a famous British radio announcer. He is known for his research on human dreams over the years. People often think that dreams are messages from God or souls that want to send. Ian thinks that dreams are the integration of all the mental emotions that people encounter in life with the desire for the future.

According to Netdoctor, the brain has three main areas of dream activation that include: daily life stories, self-aspirations and stressful emotions. Psychologist Ian thinks that the dream has no biological function, but it helps to maintain sleep. People can sleep deeply when dreaming.

So what does the dream signal?

Ian Wallace believes that our strange, even unrelated dreams can give us an insightful and interesting insight into life.

“When you have nightmares, that’s not really bad,” he said. When that nightmare happens, create worries for you. That means you are having negative thoughts and trying to relieve yourself.

A common dream of many people is the image being chased. Psychologists think that comes from ambitions in life that affect you, stress. What you need is to focus your thoughts, what is good, what is hindering, to gradually implement those ambitions.

Many people wonder if dreams of disease can predict our health? The ancient Greeks were sure that it partly foretold symptoms of illness that were about to appear. Since then, many people are concerned about asking questions about their dreams of cancer, do they have cancer?

According to Ian Wallace, scientists do not yet have an accurate answer to this. However, the images in the dream gave him another conclusion. The development of cancer pathogens in the body is something people cannot control. Many patients with cancer cannot fulfill their dreams or do what they want. So the dream of cancer can show that their life has so many things that go unintended, making them unhappy.

Recently, neurologists have discovered violent and aggressive dreams that are a prediction of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sleep expert, Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan said that if you dream too much, your body will be tired, exhausted when you wake up. A good body condition must be ensured enough sleep and proper deep sleep, making you feel refreshed every morning to wake up.

Research by scientists continues to show that in the full moon, we often dream more. In addition, “alcohol is also a factor in making dreams worse,” Ian said. Although alcohol is said to be a sedative, however, if it is abused, it will turn into a stimulant, making it easy to fall asleep, but you will quickly wake up at midnight.

Cheese and other fats are also thought to cause nightmares, making you restless during the night, creating scary dreams. If your dreams often contain painful content, affect your quality of life, haunt you, you should look to a therapist or a psychologist to find out the underlying cause. Strange and extreme dreams can be the result of inhibiting nerves, unable to express to someone, no way out.

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A dream signals something about your health
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