Capella Hotel was named as the venue for the summit between US President Donald Trump and Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

6 special things about where Trump – Kim met on Sentosa Island Singapore

The historic meeting between the two leaders of the US and North Korea will take place at 9am on June 12. Here are 6 interesting things about the 5-star Capella hotel on Sentosa island.


Opened in 2009, this hotel was designed by renowned British architect Norman Forster. It was built on the foundation of the Royal Artillery Force’s buildings living with their families in the 1980s.

The hotel has 112 rooms and villas overlooking the green vegetation and the sea. Standard rooms cost about 680 USD per night, while luxury 3-bedroom apartments cost up to 10,000 USD per night.


Capella is located between the green Sentosa island, which used to be called Pulau Blakang Mati, meaning “death island” in Malay.
The current name means peace in Malay, true to the meaning of the upcoming summit.

The island has a road system, a monorail railway, pedestrian tracks and cable cars connected to the mainland. Capella is close to the beach, and is close to Sentosa golf club – an ideal place for Mr. Trump, who is a golf lover, according to the Straits Times.


The Capella hotel group is owned by the Kwee family of Pontiac Land Group. The brand grows throughout the region with many of the hotels named Capella coming soon in Ubud, Bangkok, Sydney and the Maldives.

Many Capella hotels have also appeared in Shanghai, the German city of Dusseldorf and Marigot bay at Saitn Lucia.


Capella is one of the most expensive hotels in Singapore to book a wedding party. Prices can be up to $ 2,400 a table, depending on the menu.

But the luxurious rooms that can accommodate up to 400 guests are always the place to hold the dream wedding of many Singaporean couples, among them pop star Stefanie Sun and actor Tay Ping Hui.

This is also a point of wedding photography by Singaporean couples.


Since its opening, the hotel has a collection of about 900 artworks from more than 100 artists from 15 countries. Capella has held many prestigious exhibitions such as the 2012 Opera Galley with the works of surrealist artist Salvador Dali, The Unexpected Exhibition – Time In Art by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam on the occasion of his 85th birthday .

The front lawn is adorned with The Arc sculpture by French artist Bernar Venet.

In the conference room, a glass ceiling lamp is a handmade work by artist Nikolas Weinstein.


Located in the middle of a tropical forest, Capella has heritage trees up to 1,000 years old around the hotel.

Sometimes visitors will be visited by the birds, often wandering around the breakfast area or by the pool.

Although Capella has an ideal separation position for the upcoming summit, many experts believe that the security of US and North Korea will need to mobilize more resources when organizing land events. .

Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman, a national security researcher from S. Rajaratnam International School of Studies (RSIS), said the security forces should take into account the plans to prevent conspiracy attacks from the sea.


6 special things about where Trump – Kim met on Sentosa Island Singapore
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