Sleeping when hungry, noise, sweet food, rooms that are too hot or dusty will make it hard for you to sleep, irritable.

5 causes to ruin your sleep

Sleep when hungry

According to Bright Side, hungry belly your mind is easy to restless, hovering causing trouble sleeping. Eat a light meal before going to bed (about 150 calories) to help your body get enough energy and increase the level of insulin in the blood leading to the production of serotonin to create deeper sleep.

The best foods to eat before sleeping like nuts and sweet little fruits.


Our brains find noise will lead to fatigue, anxiety, increased heart rate and sleeplessness.

Depending on the level, the effect of noise may vary:

  • 35-40 dB: affects sleep quality and may cause headaches.
  • 45-50 dB: can cause neurological disorders.
  • More than 50 dB: increased risk of stroke.

Loud noise can also damage your health. So if you live near a railway or highway, you should close the window at night or use the earplugs.

Eat sweet before sleeping

Eating chocolate, drinking coffee, carbonated soft drinks before bed will make your mind alert and sleepless because of the high caffeine content.

Room is too hot

High temperatures will reduce the quality of your sleep. The best temperature for sleep is about 21.1 degrees C.

Room dirt

The chaos in the room makes you sleepless and the dust in your blankets, pillows and curtains affects your breath. Clean the room often or put bonsai in the room so that fresh air helps to breathe easily and sleep deeper.


5 causes to ruin your sleep
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