The cherry blossoms park in Seoul or the flower garden in the island will give you beautiful photos on the road.

4 Korean romantic tourist destinations in the spring, Korean Tourism

You can accompany your loved one to the following locations in Korea for a romantic spring.

Namsan Park

This is a park located in Seoul. Fresh spring air with calm atmosphere, romantic setting here is ideal for couples to walk and chat. The walking path in the park also has many beautiful flowers blooming in the spring such as the flowers of the overseas Vietnamese, rhododendron and cherry.

In addition, the highlight of the park also has the Palgakjeong (Octagon Hall), Seoul Tower, Aquarium, Fountain, and Namsan Library. Guests can take a cable car or take a walk up the mountain.

Seokchonhosu Lake

Also located in Seoul, this is the place where frequent festivals of cherry blossoms are observed, with a quiet, fresh water lake. The lake has nearly 1,000 cherry trees growing around. In addition to watching flowers, couples can visit Lotte World entertainment center located right next to it.

Gwangyang Maehwa Village

If you can’t see the snow (plum blossom) together at the beginning of the season, you can go to the village with white plum blossoms at the beginning of March. Most flowers in the village are white. Therefore, when plum flowers bloom simultaneously in the spring, the whole village floats white like snowy land, so plum flowers are also called snow flowers.

Rapeseed fields in Cheongsando island

Spring comes, rapeseed flowers bloom yellow and glow throughout the island, spreading the scent in the fresh air. This is a place that attracts couples when traveling to Korea. A scene appears with the clear blue sky, blue ocean and bright yellow flowers. It was chosen as the location for the filming of films in Korea. Cabbages here often bloom from April to May.


4 Korean romantic tourist destinations in the spring, Korean Tourism
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